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Storefront and Façade Washing in Columbus, Ohio

Between foot travel, weather, and smoke and debris from the air, it’s not uncommon to find that your storefront is no longer looking as pristine as you expect it to be. At Columbus Power Cleaning, we provide efficient and reliable power washing services throughout Ohio. Our professionals are experienced and trained to eliminate dirt, grime, and buildup, and we want to make sure that your property looks its best.

Benefits of Power Washing Your Storefront

There are many important reasons to keep your storefront clean. From a cosmetic standpoint, potential customers are more likely to enter stores that give the impression of cleanliness and value. The way your façade works has an effect on your brand, showing customers whether or not you care about your business and its appearance.

In addition, the grime, mold, and dirt that builds up on the outside of your storefront can damage your property, and possibly lead to the contamination of the products you’re selling. Your storefront is critical to your business, and at Columbus Power Cleaning, our business is making sure that your property does its best to continue to attract potential visitors.

Our team of power washing professionals has the equipment and experience necessary to clean your storefront, including:

Walls and Façade
Awnings and Canopies
Signs and Displays

Our commercial pressure washing services are always thorough, and able to handle every inch of both small and large properties. We stand behind our work and know we can provide you with power washing support in cleaning, reliability and customer service.

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