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Street Sweeping Services

Columbus Power Cleaning is a Columbus, Ohio-based street sweeping company, working with municipalities, government entities, and local businesses to clean the roads and streets throughout Ohio. We provide reliable, efficient, and detailed street sweeping services that will keep the roads clear and the city looking its best.

What is Street Sweeping?

Street sweeping involves much more than a broom. It requires extensive knowledge about how to configure street sweepers properly. Our trained professionals have the experience and training necessary to respond to difficult roads and terrain, and knowledge on how to operate these vehicles efficiently and safely across the entire road. Street sweeping has many economical and environmental benefits that make it an important investment for the city, including:
Reduced Pollution – Street sweeping helps fight pollution by cleaning up streets where pollution buildup is common. It also may prevent large volumes of pollutants from contaminating water supplies.
Reduced Flooding – Pollution has a tendency to create buildup. That buildup can block gutters, and prevent rainwater from draining properly. It can also become slick when wet, increasing the chance of vehicle accidents.
In addition, clean roadways make a city look inviting and vibrant. Cities looking to attract business and tourism, or just looking to maintain a peaceful atmosphere, would be well served by a regular street sweeping program.

We clean the streets of Ohio with mechanical sweepers. We remove over 1,000 tons of litter and debris every year. We sweep residential streets and sweeps commercial areas. Mechanical sweepers remove litter from your neighborhood and shopping centers and also prevent grime and pollutants from entering the City’s sewer system and therefore reduces the number of pollutants.

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Columbus Power Cleaning is proud to be a leading choice for street sweeping in Columbus, with the equipment and professionals necessary to ensure that each and every road is properly cleaned.

For a free and no-hassle quote for our street sweeping services, or to find out more about our services and expertise, please call us today at 614-798-9422 or fill out an online form. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have or discuss what is included in our street sweeping services.

Serving Columbus, Dayton, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, and surrounding areas.

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